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File Storage Network is a S3-compatible object storage solution that reliably and securely stores all your data for free. We developed our solution with our clients in mind. Keeping everything straight forward and easy-to use. We eliminated tiers and pricing structures so you can begin storing your data instantly, taking out all the guess work of how much storage is needed with infinite scalability. Any time more space is needed, a new container can be created instantly to keep you or your business moving, without any pause to production. Our clients can rest easy knowing we encrypt all data that is stationary or in transit.

Why FSN?


100% free solution with unlimited storage containers, bandwidth and API calls.

Business Centric

Start your object storage server in seconds and be production ready on-demand, at no cost.

Infinitely Scalable

Never worry about scaling with our on-demand, unlimited free object storage that creates additional storage containers instantly.

High Availability

99.999% uptime of all object storage containers equates to your data being available all the time, whenever you need it.

Advanced Security

Increased security and speed with encrypted connections that utilize ECDSA and TLS 1.3 technics.

Fully Managed

Sit back and relax while we manage all the infrastructure for you.

S3 Compatible Storage

The S3-compatible API connectivity provides a S3-compliant interface for anyone to use with their S3-compatible storage applications, gateways, and other platforms.

Top Performance

Powered by mission critical, high performance Intel servers, on super-fast multi-homed Internet connections, we deploy a free object storage solution that rivals all paid storage solutions.

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